Mission Viejo 5000 meter healthy running public welfare activities

2021.11.18 456

Last Saturday, two staff members of envita IVF participated in the mission Viejo oso fit 5000 meter running fitness exhibition in the community where the hospital is located on behalf of envita hospital, providing sponsorship and volunteer service support for this charity activity. The sunshine was very good that day, and this health themed activity was also welcomed by many children and adults in local communities. Everyone signed up for an appointment to see how happy everyone was in the process of the activity~


It has always been our dream of NVIDIA hospital to solve reproductive health problems and help more families be happy. We are also more willing to do our best to help become a non-profit organization and participate in charity activities.


In this process, I also met many friends who have done IVF and took the initiative to share their experiences with us. One of the employees who worked in a large fruit factory (no roll call, we all know HA) shared that she had done a round of IVF last year, which cost more than 30000. The large fruit factory had reported all of it, and it would be born in a few months, and the large factory also gave six months' maternity leave. It has long been said that the fruit factory has given financial support to employees who need to have babies through IVF. Sure enough, it is rich and powerful, but it is powerful~


       Mission Viejo municipal government staff thanked envita for its support to community health promotion activities


Group photo of OC sheriff and envita staff


Through this health charity theme activity, the organizer of the activity successfully raised $20000 charity fund. After the event, the municipal staff also sent us a thank-you letter. As one of the sponsors and participants of this event, we also feel very honored.


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