What is the process of IVF egg retrieval?

2021.11.23 542

In the past, many infertile patients have been unable to cure and become parents smoothly, which has always been the hidden pain of these patients. Now, most infertility patients will choose to become parents through IVF when they cannot conceive smoothly. And some women will think that the test tube process will be very painful, because they are afraid of pain and give up the test tube pregnancy. So, does it hurt for IVF to take eggs?

Test tube baby technology is a series of technologies that artificially take sperm and eggs out of the human body, cultivate them into embryos in the laboratory, and then transplant them back to the womb of women, so as to assist couples in fertility. The pregnancy process of IVF is not different from that of normal pregnancy.

According to experts, there is not much pain in the whole process of IVF egg retrieval, which is usually caused by the psychological stress of patients. In the process of IVF, there is only discomfort in the two operations of egg retrieval and transplantation, but there is no obvious pain.

The IVF egg retrieval process is carried out under intravenous anesthesia. With the assistance of B-ultrasound technology, the doctor stabbed a special egg retrieval needle directly into one side of the ovary through the vaginal wall along the guide line set by ultrasound, and pumped the follicular fluid one by one in order. Local anesthesia or general anesthesia is usually used during the operation, and the patient will not feel pain during the whole operation.

IVF transfer is to suck selected embryos into a transfer catheter, which enters the uterus through the cervix and injects the liquid containing embryos into the uterine cavity. One or more embryos can be transferred during transfer. The whole migration process only takes a few minutes.


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