Envita Fertility Center, a state-of-the-art fertility clinic in Laguna Hills, California, is designed with our patients as the central focus. We put great care into every detail that might affect a patient’s opportunity for success – from the smallest clinical details, to the most advanced IVF lab technology, to pairing each patient with a dedicated care coordinator to act as their personal guide from day 1.


William Alexander Freije


Dr. William Alexander Freije

Dr. William Alexander Freije is a gifted clinician with wideranging credentials, and has 32 years of experience. He has high-level study of gene genetics, which lead to the road of health care that Dr. Freije has extraordinary experience for Special Therapies to Asian clients. After completing his undergraduate studies in biology in four years, Dr Freije received his MD and PHD degree respectively from Tufts University and UCLA.

Dr. Freije believes in personalized medicine in which treatment is customized for an individual patient. Personalized medicine is being advanced through data from an individual patient and identified as a key and prospective approach to achieve optimal results. Dr. Freije is steadfast in his belief that everyone has the right to have a baby.

Dr. Avisa Asemi

Laboratory Director

Dr. Avisa Asemi

Envita Fertility Center’s on-site lab director Dr. Avisa Asemi has 15 years of experience as a board certified lab director, scientific director, team leader and senior embryologist in the best-known fertility centers in U.S., Canada and worldwide. Her impressive resume includes Stanford University’s Fertility & Reproductive Health Center and the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Reproductive Medicine Associates Of Northern California, Shady Grove Fertility Center, Northern California Fertility Center, Boca Fertility, and Markam Fertility Center, among other notable postings.

Dr. Asemi has successful directed several embryology and andrology labs in the U.S. and Canada, building exceptional strategies in how to lead an efficient lab, including how to strike a happy balance of high functionality and high productivity. By working in various types of fertility centers, Dr. Asemi became an expert in all aspects of embryology/andrology labs, supported by her interdis

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