pay attention to ovarian maintenance and refuse age anxiety

2021.11.18 545

In order to give back to the women who have always supported us, we also held a private offline salon on the maintenance of women's ovaries and fertility preservation on the eve of International Women's day, and invited Dr. Dong min, chief obstetrician and gynecologist of the Ninth People's Hospital of Shanghai Jiaotong University, who is good at the treatment of common gynecological diseases such as uterine fibroids, ovarian cysts, genital malformations and other gynecological diseases, Share the popular science knowledge of ovarian maintenance.


Customers who are inconvenient to come can also watch it through online live broadcast. (now you can watch the playback ~)

At the private meeting, Dr. Dongmin also called on everyone to pay attention to women's ovarian health problems. At ordinary times, everyone should also pay more attention to maintaining healthy living habits, regularly do ovarian function related examinations and timely choose targeted medical treatment.


After Dr. Dongmin finished sharing, in order to protect the privacy of customers, we also arranged some customers who have completed physical examination or have related gynecological fertility problems to have 1-on-1 consultation with doctors.

In this process, you also know more about your physical condition. I believe you will also pay more attention to gynecological and reproductive health in your future life.

Our colleague Cindy also shared with you how to preserve fertility and the necessity of preserving fertility.


Especially in modern society, attractive women have to face all kinds of age anxiety in addition to making achievements in their careers. Many women want to improve themselves at the best age and make higher achievements in their careers, so they have to postpone the age of marriage and childbirth, which also causes many excellent women to face the problem of childbearing difficulties when they want to have children.

The emergence of the technology of frozen eggs can not only help women reserve fertility at the best age, but also help many women with ovarian problems and malignant diseases to preserve fertility in time and resist age anxiety and social pressure.

Our salon also invited flower arranging teachers to bring a professional and beautiful enjoyment to everyone who attended the salon.

The flower arrangement course has been actively participated by everyone, as well as male partners. The teacher also specially prepared ribbons, cards and portable bags for everyone, so that everyone can take their flower arrangements home and give them to their mother, girlfriend, wife or themselves as gifts on the occasion of the goddess Festival.




                                                                                                  Group photo of Dr. Dongmin and everyone




It's a great sense of achievement to take home your flower arrangement works~

Thank you for participating in the private party, thank you for your support, and hope you have a relaxed and happy afternoon. I wish the goddesses of all ages always maintain their vitality and win in everything.


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