What can be done to increase the success rate of IVF?

2021.11.16 509

In order to increase IVF success rates, a thorough gynaecological evaluation is important before commencing on an IVF cycle. Laparoscopic or minimally invasive key-hole surgery may sometimes be recommended before IVF for the treatment of swollen fallopian tubes, fibroids, ovarian cysts and endometriosis.

A hysteroscopy involving the use of a camera device to assess the uterine cavity may also be needed before IVF to ensure a healthy environment for the implantation and growth of the embryos transferred.

To maximise the success rate of IVF as with IUI, couples should enhance their health as much as possible. Any chronic medical conditions e.g. diabetes, should be brought under control before IVF treatment. A healthy diet and lifestyle should be observed. Couples should not smoke and should reduce their intake of alcohol and caffeine. A regular exercise regime can help to control their weight and provide stress reduction benefits for IVF as recommended by our IVF Clinician.

Men should avoid hot baths, saunas and jacuzzis as sperm quality is badly affected by high temperatures. Men should also avoid medications that can adversely affect their sperm function. Antioxidant supplements with vitamins A, C and E should be taken to improve the sperm quality as much as possible as both healthy sperm and egg are important for IVF success.


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